• Outdoor WiFi networking
  • Indoor WiFi/Wired networking
  • Security survailance systems
  • PC maintenance / repair
  • On-site training

Field services refers to any work conducted at a customer site where your products are installed. For example, in the enterprise IT, industrial equipment, and healthcare technology industries, field services involves managing the installation, maintenance, or repair of hardware or equipment installed “in the field”.

Different Types of Field Service Activities

Here are the main categories of field services that can be delivered:


Once a customer purchases equipment, they will need it expertly installed within their operating environment. A technician will ensure that the equipment is correctly installed and fully operational from the start, setting a baseline and the standard for all future operation.


The traditional charter of field service organizations is to fix equipment in the event of a breakdown. Since “rolling a truck” is expensive and the time to respond to the incident can result in excessive downtime, it’s best to conduct pre-planned activities in order to maintain the equipment before it breaks. Examples of this include inspection and replacing worn parts before they completely fail.

Field services maintenance activities can be divided into three categories:

  • Corrective: If a product breaks, a field service technician/field service engineer is dispatched to the customer location to repair it. Additionally, if a machine is not working as intended, it may require calibration. Both repair and calibration fall under “corrective” maintenance.
  • Preventive: By scheduling routine equipment inspections, costly breakdowns and customer down time can be avoided. Using smart, connected products, you can capture and analyze data from your equipment, and remotely monitor performance to conduct maintenance exactly when required. This allows technicians to gain better insight on the problem and identify the spare parts needed to resolve the problem before they go on-site.
  • Proactive: These services predict faults and disruptions by comparing to normal operations and noting any anomalies, allowing technicians to service and repair before the equipment fails.

Adoption Services

In addition to in-person repair and maintenance visits, field technicians can provide advice on how customers can maximize the benefits of equipment based on their desired outcomes.

Field service technicians are actually uniquely positioned to become a customer’s trusted advisor, taking on a prescriptive and consultative role in helping a customer get the most out of their purchase, whether it’s through optimizing operation or even adding additional products and services to their contract.